About the project

Innovative Quality Mentoring for Social Inclusion

The projects will focus on developing, sharing and transferring innovative mentoring practices between participating countries, enabling organisations to work together in order to developing adult educators’ competences to deal with diversified groups of learners, making use of new technologies and teaching outcomes. Also the project will contribute to improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities tailored to individual adult learners including through innovative ways of outreach and delivery.

The objectives proposed for developing a new partnership program are:
1. Development of a common professional profile of Community Mentors for Social Inclusion at European level, based on the initial assessment and lessons learned and best practices applied in partners countries.
2. Develop training curricula adapted to the common professional profile of Community Mentor for Social Inclusion.
3. Increased institutional capacity of 6 organizations in 4 countries (via 5 project partners) by providing modern and innovative training to their key staff involved in community mentoring for social inclusion.
4. Develop competences and skills of 132 professional in adult education to become community mentors for social inclusion using short-term staff training and learners blending mobilities.
5. Develop innovative tools to transfer information and knowledge, promote and support community mentoring activities.

The period of the implementation is 2015 – 2017.