North Ireland – Bangor

The third mobility within IQ Mentoring project was organized in Bangor, North Ireland in 21-25th January 2017 by Killcooley Women´s Centre. The core of the 5 days was to share and to experience the best practices of community mentoring among partners. All participants got involved in intersting and useful activities using various methods such as presentations, group exercise, debate, team work.

Equality and diversity and youth mentoring training, team building outdoor activities, study visits in mainstream school and centre for elderly, organinzing the mentoring agreement groupexercise gave participants the oportunity to share and gain more experience in community mentoring.

This mobility increased the institutional capacity of partner organisations in providing the modern and innovative pilot training which is delivered in each parnter country.

Thank you Killcooley Women´s Centre for your professionalism and for your well organized mobility.