Romania – Alexandria

In the beginning of December,10-14.2016 was organized the second mobility of IQ Mentoring in Alexandria, Romania.  Once again all partners within project came together to share and to experience the best practices and examples of community mentoring.

All 5 days were created in the manner that each day had one topic concerning community´s issues in their own country. The program of the mobility was as it fallows: in the first part of day we visited some schools or institutions which were dealing with roma people, persons with disabilities, refugees and in the second part of the day all participants shared their best practices they are facing in those topics through workshops and presentations. First day, for example, was under ”dropout of school” topic and were presented the projects of the inspectorate through which they are trying to stop the dropout of school. All participants were involved in workshops and debates which had as purpose to find practical ways in which mentoring can help the community in order to stop the dropout of schools.

During this mobility all the participants had the opportunity to find out how a community mentor can help the community and through which instruments and ways he can use in order to help the vulnerable group of the community.


Thank you School Inspectorate Teleorman for your professionalism and for your well organized mobility.