Romania – Suceava

In period 03rd – 07th April 2017 in Suceava, Romania was organised the last blended mobility within IQ Mentoring project. Hosting partner was ACDC and the main objective of the week was to learn about isolated and roma communities and how mentors can help to the community development through community mentoring. Moreover the innovation part of the mobility was the digital approach of mentoring which ACDC had in the delivering the training course. During the week participants of the training course of ACDC came and gave their feedback of the project and of the training course, a really positive and encouraging feedback. Digital inclusion for e-mentors open the view to all the participants thinking of the facilitation given by technology in connecting people and giving free access to information and taking mentoring on high level. Another important moment was when all the participant met with the Prefect Lady of Suceava County and they discussed about the isolated communities within Suceava county and they could learn how Romanian system is working, how regional authorities are helping roma communities to integrate in society and on the labor market, how education system is facilitated or not for some roma communities.

In the end of the mobility all the participants were happy and  thankful for taking part of the project. Through work and fun all the participants claimed in the end that this project helped them to improve their skills and helped them to be more motivated to involve in their community in order to help it to develop and help people to be social included.