Kilcooley Women’s Centre, North Ireland                                                     

Kilcooley Women’s Centre was established in 1995, working with socially disadvantaged women, children and families, to help improve their live chances and high level outcomes. It is a registered charity in Northern Ireland, and a company Limited by Guarantee.  It operates as multi strand operational model, working in the fields of training, education and employability, childcare and early years, positive mental health and wellbeing, good community interrelationships and addressing long term unemployment/inactivity by young people not in education, employment or training (NEET). It provides a wrap around support service to participant beneficiaries and indirect support to their family members. It was worked with the long term unemployed and economically inactive people to help improve their employment prospects through one to one mentoring, group work, peer support, befriending and skills based training.



Association of Consultants for Community Development – ACDC Romania 

ACDC Romania is a professional association established in 2011, to support the sustainability of 255 disadvantaged rural communities, which have previously received technical assistance under the Knowledge Economy Project (KEP), funded by World Bank during 2007 – 2011, to develop local Telecentres/Public Points of Access to Internet (PAPI) providing ICT based services to citizens. ACDC current activities are focused on consulting services offering solutions for social inclusion of vulnerable members of the community that are situated in disadvantaged rural areas, considered amongst the poorest regions in EU. ACDC has developed programs that main target groups are represented by: poor people, Roma, victims of domestic violence, people with mental disabilities and people isolated geographically.


OZ ZIPS Slovakia                                                                                                                   

OZ ZIPS is a non-government organisation established in 2012 as a platform for young people in Spisska Nova Ves the region with the highest number of Romany people in our country. Before establishing the organisation, our members were active in community work in our city – especially in building skate parks and various artistic projects. In the future we would like to focus on mobility projects, multilateral programs and transfer innovation projects and through working with people from different cultures we would to be able to develop a very good understanding of the specifics of each nationality and the cultural backgrounds.



Teleorman Region School Department – Romania                  

Teleorman Region School Department is the institution that coordinates the department level educational institutions at all levels and on all levels, watching and advising their work in terms of the educational process and in terms of administrative organization. The goals and mission if the department includes: ‘’Improve the quality of education program through education and training’’ and ‘’The rapid evolution of attitude for students, teachers, representatives of local communities’’. Our objectives are in strong correlation with the topic envisaged by this strategic partnership, namely school counselling and insertion on the labour market of young graduates. The team working in our institution assumes the following transversal strategic objectives: a greater involvement of all the partners in the system of education and training; a greater visibility of the results of European collaboration in education and training; the need to support the European and national instruments from the domain of transparency, recognition, quality assurance and mobility.


Social Yașam Gőnūllūleri Derneği – Turkey                                   

Social Life Volunteers Association was founded to support people who are under the risk of sociological, economical, psychological and physical threatens. Besides this aim the association organizes a wide range of activities which supports all individual’s social development. In terms of this purpose is an organized sportive, artistic, cultural and educational activity with people who has various backgrounds and specialties. Social Life is trying to create awareness in public about active, social life and active aging.  It has 95 members including our board members. Even it has members from various specialty many of them consisting from teachers, trainers and educators. This situation will enable the project subject to disseminate a wife range.